How to Get My Wife Back

How to Get My Wife Back

You are looking for an answer to the question, how to get my wife back. By now you have probably made a couple of tries yourself or maybe more than a couple… but without the result you are looking for. I hear you, you just want her back, you want your wife back in your life, you want things to be like before or better than before.

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You want to wake up beside her, one thing are sure you still love her. I am sorry, what ever caused your break up does not matter at this point, what you are feeling right now is pain. The question how to get my wife back is constantly on your mind, right.

I want to help you, I want to give you the answer to how to get my wife back. I want to help you save your marriage. There are so many marriages that ends in divorce and so many relationships that never make it, when there is solutions that could have saved them.

You can really stop your break up, divorce or lovers rejection even in a hopeless situation.

Couples do reunite everyday regardless of the situation.

How to get my wife back – what will this site cover?

On this site we will talk about how to get your wife back. What you can do at this time to make things better, what to do and what NOT to do to get your woman back. I will recommend one product that has helped thousands of people that are in the same situation you are, I will also give away the 1 secret thing you need to know about women, we will talk about this and more.

See, I am no psychologist or relationship expert but I have been where you are right now years ago, broken hearted, that is why I created this website, how to get my wife back.

I also have a friend, his first wife left him and the kids after years together. He was devastated but moved on.  His second wife left him after only months.

I wanted to help, so I started to research what options he had, what he could do to change his behavior (now I am not saying it was his fault at all but it takes two in a relationship) and what I found has changed the life of thousands of people.

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Did your wife leave you? Or did you leave her and now you realise what you are missing? Have you been trying for months to get her back? There is help to get!

How to get my wife back – Here are 3 things you can start doing TODAY!

  1. How to get my wife back – Agree with the break up

The first thing you need to do if you are broken up is to agree with the break up (even if you do not). You need to accept that you are apart, let her go before you can ever win her back again. The reason for this is that you want to agree with your wife, be on the same side as her and respect her decision.

So let her know that you thought a lot about your relationship, that she is right and that you agree with the break up. That a break right now is the best thing for both of you. If you do this right she will respect you.

Find out exactly what to say and HOW to say it in this VIDEO.


T Dub has helped over 50.000 people with their relationships. 50.000 people this might actually work for you as well. T dub has been coaching and assisting couples since 1985, even if it is only one of the two that wants to save the relationship. Love relationship success! He can help you answer your qustion, how to get my wife back. Click here to watch the video.

2. How to get my wife back – Give your wife some space.

After you agree with the break up you need to give your wife some space. I know this can be hard especially if you have kids and you have to deal with every day issues. But try to not call her, text her or see her unless you absolutely have too.

You want to give her the opportunity to miss you. The truth is we want what we can not have. So if you give her space, she will start wondering what you are up to, if you moved on. If she contacts you be nice but short, tell her that you are busy but that you will call her back.

3. Get Wife Back – Be the best person you can be.

During this time do things that make you happy. Do things that make you feel good. I know that what you are going through right now can be depressing and bring you down but try to be the best person that you can.

Why did your wife fall in love with you in the first place? Try to find that person again. We all want to be around happy, positive people. Go out see some friends, get a new hobby, exercise do things that makes you feel good.

How to get my wife back – That was 3 things you can start with right now!

How to get my wife back – The 1 secrete about women you need to know!

If you implement this in your relationship you will be a head of the game!


In a recent study, one of the questions was, why did you leave your lover? The most common answer was:

”He did not appreciate anything that I did for him”

So another thing that you can start with right away, to answer your question, how to get my wife back is starting to appreciate your wife. Now that does not mean to give her B.S compliments that you really do not mean, and it does not mean that you should do this everyday all day long. Your wife will know if you are not honest.

It means that if you appreciate that she get the kids up in the morning, pack their lunch and send them off to school everyday that you in all honesty tell her that you appriciate that. Or if she agreed to see you for lunch even though you are going through rough times, tell her that you appreciate that. Be honest and true and treat her with respect.

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How to Get My Wife Back – What Is Next?

What you really need right now is a plan, your goal is to get your wife back you have gotten the start right here. You know to send that letter… but what next. 

See this is nothing we learn in school, but what you need right now is a step by step plan to follow! Your best bet right now is to head over and see if T dubs guide/book is something for you. Now you might be thinking I have heard of those e-books that is nothing for me. Well these methods are different, this is what T dub has to say about his own methods:

“At this point, I must WARN YOU…STRONGLY WARN YOU…my advice and methods are VERY unconventional. I get relationship counselors and the like REALLY ANGRY because they are charging $50 to $100 an hour (sometimes for months and even years) and I can whisper just one of my methods in my friends ear…he DOES IT… And next thing you know… he’s back home, laying back on the couch and watching LOST with his wife on Thursday nights.”

When I first bought this program, I must admit I was skeptic but man was I wrong. It is a program that works, it has helped me and my husband tremendously. The techniques are “different” but they really WORK. Today we are happier than ever!

How to get my wife back, case study from T dub.

We here at, how to get my wife back, want to help you save your family and marriage. Believe in getting back with your wife, believe in your love relationship! You can do it! If you are ready to get T Dub`s Help Click Here!

Best of luck,

How to get my wife back

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You Can Win Her Back – 5 Tips How

bigstock-Happy-loving-couple-playing-in-15698426If you have recently had a break up with your girlfriend, don’t worry, you can win her back. Before you begin trying to win her back, you will want to take some time to think about things and also give her time to think about it. Break ups can be very difficult on people and even harder when the reason is something that can be fixed. Learn how to start getting back your woman once she has left.


Start by taking her out on a date. Make this a special night and even more romantic. You can take her somewhere she really enjoys or maybe even back to the spot where the two of you had your first date. This will let her know that you care and also remember and it will mean more.

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When talking to your ex-girlfriend or ex-wife, make sure that you are actually being sincere. I she feels like you are being sarcastic or you don’t mean what you are saying, she will not take you seriously. It is important to make sure that when you decide to apologize, you mean it.


Communication is key to any successful relationship and it is needed to help rekindle the flame. When the two of you communicate, you both need to try and understand that things may be said that are hurtful. Do not think about it as the other person is trying to upset you, but rather that the two of you are coming to an understanding.

Without communication there is no relationship. It is important to make sure that you speak what is on your mind and also keep the lines of communication open. Your girlfriend/wife should be able to feel like she can confide in you and come to you.

I Love You

Make sure to let your girlfriend/wife know that you still love her regardless of what happens between you two. She will appreciate hearing this and it will also allow her to feel like she still means something to you.

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Change is something that takes compromise and without a willingness to change, you probably never will. If there was something wrong in the relationship and you want to win her back, consider changing this thing that caused the problem. Maybe you tend to have an attitude when you come home from work or maybe you just feel like you need alone time when you are done with a big job. Talk to her about this and let her know. The two of you can come to an understanding.

You can also change this by making sure you take the time you need to relax and calm down before speaking with her. This will give you a chance to lose the attitude.

Relationships are about working together and always being in communication. If you want to win her back after a break up or separation, you will need to make an effort. Remember to show her you love her especially and fight to make her see why you two should be together.

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How to Stop a Break Up – 5 Tips

get my wife back

Stop The Break Up, Win Her Back

When you are dating someone, the last thing you are thinking about it breaking up. Your relationship has probably been perfect up until the fight that has now pushed your relationship to the borderline “over” phase. Breaking up can be hard on anyone, especially if the relationship lasted a while or the two of you share a home together and other things.

It is possible to prevent things from spiraling out of control and going down the drain. If you are reading this then you are already wondering how to stop a break up from happening. This article will list out some different tips to help you stop a break up from happening even when it seems like there is no other solution.

Return to the Basics

When we are in a relationship, we tend to lose sight of things that are important or once were important. This is even truer once the relationship expands to the point of living together and doing everything together. If you are in a predicament and you are close to breaking up, return to the basics.

What I mean by this is, start thinking about what the two of you have in common. Think about what it is that drew the two of you together in the first place. Where did you two meet? This will help bring you two back together.

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Admit What is Wrong

One way to prevent a break up from happening is to address what is wrong in the relationship and to admit that you were wrong and your mistakes. You need to take responsibility for your part in the decline and this will show your partner that you truly care. It is important to stop blaming each other for what is wrong and just live up to your errors.

Listening Goes a Long Way

A break up can present itself in a multitude of ways. Many times, the most common way is through a fight. Take the time to listen to each other. The two of you can discuss what is wrong in the relationship and think of how to fix it. It is important to listen to what the other person has to say. You may actually learn something.


Compromise may be a word that you are cringing at when you hear it but it is an important part of your relationship. We can’t have everything the way we want it and we cannot expect our partner to like everything we do. Compromise helps fuel a relationship and if the two of you equally compromise, the relationship will flourish.

Rekindle Your Love

If a break up is impending, you need to take a step back and rekindle your love. Go out on a date and spend the night away from your home. Make the night interesting and also very romantic. This will help rekindle the flame that you had and the two of you will begin to see why you fell in love with each other in the very first place.

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Want to Know How to Get Your Wife Back? 5 Tips


5 Tips To Get Your Wife Back

If your wife wants a divorce but this is not part of your plan, you may be wondering how to get your wife back. Throwing away a whole marriage is a big step especially when you have children, a home, and pets. A divorce will destroy the lives of multiple people and not just the two in the relationship.

No matter what caused the fights in the first place, try to let them go and put them in the back of your mind for now. You want to approach your wife in a calm manner. Some men will not wait to talk to their wives and this can start another argument.

If you want to get your wife back, there are certain things you can do to help facilitate talks and reconciliation.

1. Take Some Time

One way to get your wife back and work through the arguments is to take some time away from each other. If she wants to leave you, then let her go. During this time, the two of you can both think about things and ponder your relationship from a different point of view.

Don’t look like you can’t live without her and don’t make yourself look desperate. This means you should avoid calling her every day or texting her. Give her time.

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2. Admit Faults

If your wife feels like you are not taking any blame and you are placing it all on her, this will hinder your marriage even more. When the two of you do get the opportunity to talk, discuss why the marriage went wrong and be honest about what caused it to go wrong. Never leave subjects out and address all of them.

3. Forgiveness is Key

One of the hardest things to do is to forgive someone for what they did, especially when it has caused you a lot of pain. Honesty is the harborer of things you never want to hear and things that will continue to hurt you. Although this is the case, honesty allows both you and your wife to let things free. The two of you will be relieved.

No matter what happened and caused the problem, you need to forgive her for what she did or said and she will in return forgive you for what you said and did. If the two of you are not willing to forgive, the marriage will not work. Trust me though, you will feel better once you forgive.

4. List Your Likes and Dislikes

One thing you and your wife can do is list out the things you like about each other and the things you dislike about each other. This is a great way to bond and the two of you will be able to see what the other likes and dislikes. This will also help open up the two of your eyes to things that have been wrong in the relationship.

5. Start Dating Again

Remember those days when you and your wife were dating and everything was perfect? Re-create that moment with her and start going on dates again. You to can do something you both enjoy. This will help bring you closer together and the two of you can start rekindling your relationship.


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A marriage is something that is sacred and important. If you truly want to hold on to your relationship then you will be willing to do what it takes to re-connect with your partner. If you are looking for ways on how to get your wife back, you will benefit from the above tips.

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Get Ex Wife Back Before It’s Too Late

get her backThe opportunities to get ex wife back are dwindling every day, so prepare to employ your tactics with precision or you may end up alone eating take out for the rest of your life.

Concentrate on the reason your wife is now an ex. What did you do to get her upset enough to leave you? If it’s something that you can fix, you’re already in the lead to get her back in your arms again.


Take The Romantic Approach First

Test the waters by sending her flowers, not a cheap bouquet, but a great big one that will get her attention focused back on you again. The wow factor is important in order to impress her, so you’ll want to go big.

  • It’s essential that the note on the card express a feeling of love you’ve never conveyed before. Letting her know that she still holds the key to your heart, the thoughts of your mind, and the light of your passion, may stir an urge to see you again.
  • After you’re sure she received the flowers, call her and ask her if she received them. Who cares if you know already? Calling her will be your opportunity to hear her voice again. She may be just as excited to hear yours, but may not show it at first.

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Take Advantage Of All Your Tactical Plans

Once you get her on the phone, take her lead. If she thanks you for the flowers, use that tiny opening of appreciation to your advantage. Tell her that you meant every word on the card and that you need her back in your life. If you don’t hear disdain in her voice, continue unloading all the loving feelings you have for her.


  • Although you haven’t seen each other in a while, you’ll know by the tone of her voice if she still has feelings for you. Play on those feelings because you don’t want an opportunity to slip out of your hands. She’s still hurt, so make sure you apologize for breaking her heart with your nonsense.
  • Thank her for taking your call. Tell her that you thought she would reject you and appreciate immensely her positive response towards you after what you did in the past to turn her away. Obtain more ideas that will help here at how to get my wife back.

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You’re A Contender, So Don’t Mess Up

Now that you’ve established a line of communication with your ex wife, proceed toward your next step. Prove your ultimate love by not letting a day go by without expressing how much you care about her. Taking baby steps before you meet with her is ideal. It builds anticipation to meet with each other every time you speak over the phone and hear each other’s voices. Staying in tune with her interests provides enough confidence for her to trust you again. It demonstrates on your part that you mean what you say to get ex wife back in your life again.

Guest Post by Carmen

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A Plan On How To Get My Wife Back After I Cheated

get my wife back

You Can Get Your Wife Back

So now you’re in the dog house planning on “how to get my wife back after I cheated”. If you’re sincere enough about getting her back, you’re certainly heading in the right direction.

She’s deeply hurt and is feeling totally betrayed. You better hope your wife is the forgiving kind, or you may be in the dog house permanently.

Be Strategic In Your Planning

She may not want to see your face too soon after she found out about your indiscretion, so you should back off just for a little while. Since situations and emotions vary between couples, she may accept a text message from you stating that:

  • You ask her forgiveness.
  • You were a fool for cheating on her.
  • You love her deeply and don’t want to lose her.
  • You swear it will never happen again. (And it better not, because the second time around may be the last.)

Wait For A Response

Have you tried this without result? If you did, you might want to try this more controversial way, learn exactly WHAT to say and HOW to say it right here!


What To Do After Receiving A Response Via Text

When she responds, read into her words very carefully. If there is a line of hope, you’ll notice it between her insults. Even if there isn’t, at least she responded.

  • Text her back no matter if the response is not what you expected. Tell her you made the biggest mistake of your life and losing her would be the greatest loss of all.
  • If she responds by telling you she doesn’t believe you, ask if it’s okay to call her. If she says yes, you better make that call the most sincere ever, filled with sorrow for the way you hurt her, and fear at the thought of losing her forever. It won’t be hard to do if you’re genuinely sincere.
  • Now that you have her attention and have told her how you feel, ask to see her. If she wants an explanation on the phone as to why you cheated, tell her you want to explain it to her in person. That will be the opportunity for you to express how awful you feel about hurting her, the love of your life.

Have you tried this without result? If you did, you might want to try this more controversial way, learn exactly WHAT to say and HOW to say it right here!

The Time Of Redemption

This is the time to prove to her you will never cheat on her again. You, better than anyone, know what her favorite things are. Whether its perfume, jewelry, or anything else she likes, make sure you purchase a gift. Don’t go empty handed to see her. She may accept your gift which could be a sign that she’s thinking about giving you a second chance.

Beg her forgiveness. Yes, beg with all sincerity. Let the tears flow and get on your knees and beg some more. You just may have the chance for the door of her heart to swing wide open for you again. There are other pointers on winning her back at this page. Once you’ve taken the initial steps, with sincerity in your heart, you can then say, “I have found a way on “how to get my wife back after I cheated”.

Guest post by Carmen


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How To Use Valentine’s Day To Get Your Wife Back

get my wife back

You Can Get Your Wife Back

If you need to know how to use Valentine’s Day to get your wife back, it’s the perfect day to do so.

The argument with her may have been because of a huge misunderstanding that can be resolved with a little tender loving care.


Persuade Her With Loving Gestures

There are dozens of gifts you could choose to woo her back into your arms. A dozen red roses should come to mind. Take your time to get her a card that says exactly how much you care. It should express that total love you feel for her.

  • Sway her back with words that you really mean and will bring tears to her eyes as she hears them.
  • Tell her that you mean every word and ask her to please accept you back in her life again.

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Pre-Plan A Secret Rondevue

Ask her out to a romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day. She is sure to say yes if she still has feelings for you.

  • A tender touch on the waist to guide her to the table, and pulling her chair out for her will start the evening off right. Don’t forget a tender kiss on her cheek before you walk toward your seat.
  • Show her with a look of love how much you’ve missed her passionate kisses and holding her in your arms.
  • Reach out to her with a small gift box in hand containing a gold necklace, bracelet, or ring that will tell her she means the world to you.


Best Part Of Getting Your Wife Back

Even with the chance of losing your money, reserve that Valentine’s night, in advance, at a luxury hotel without her knowledge. Before dinner is over, you’ll know whether or not she’ll want to spend the night with you as much as you do with her. Flatter her with your enticing gestures of love that she adores about you. Win her over with a romantic charm she has never been able to resist from you.

  • After her acceptance of spending a romantic night with you, reveal your surprise. Tell her you took the chance to reserve a hotel room, hopeful that she would accept your apology and spend a spectacular night together in each other’s arms.
  • Convey to her how much you’ve missed kissing her soft lips, then kiss her gently, but with a sense of urgency for her to be yours.
  • Since she wasn’t prepared to accept your offer, make sure you have everything she needs in the room. That’s a thoughtful gesture she won’t soon forget. Among the paraphernalia, a sexy negligee will top it all. Don’t forget the chocolate covered strawberries and champagne from room service.

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There are many other ways to swoon your wife that can be found on this site how to get my wife back. You may need all the persuasive methods you can get your hands on, but when you use Valentine’s Day to get your wife back, the likelihood of that happening is cupid’s dream come true.


Guest post by Carmen


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How Do I Get My Wife Back After Separation?

So many missed opportunities to rekindle the love and now you’re thinking ‘How do I get my wife back after separation?’ You’ll be glad to know that it may not be too late, but you better begin the process before she no longer has an interest in you. After reading the suggestions below, you might actually want to go a different rout… am I confusing you…

There is a more non traditional method. It has proven to be very effective and has helped thousands of people just like you.

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Here are some more traditional advice…

Reclaim That Love While Its Still Warm

Evaluate the reason why she left. Did you take care of business in the bedroom? Many times couples separate because of lack of intimacy with each other. She may have hinted on how she missed your tender kisses and caresses, and you’re just sitting in front of the TV saying, “uh-huh” without looking at her and responding with tenderness and concern for her needs. If that’s the case, you’re in deep and need to do the following.

Five Steps To Get The Love Flowing Again

1. Call her and tell her how much you’ve missed her. Tell her you love her and that you can’t live without her love. Tell her you’re sorry and to give you another chance to prove to her that you mean business when it comes to your relationship with her.

2. After you get number one established, invite her over for a romantic dinner. Go all out to  impress her. If you can’t cook, make sure you order her favorite dish and dessert. Keep the TV off, lights dimmed, and play her favorite romantic music. Don’t forget to serve her favorite wine to get her in a relaxed mood.

3. Make sure you have a surprise gift for her. The gift should be something she’s been meaning to get. Think hard about this. Was it a book, an electronic device, a piece of jewelry? Try to remember what it was she told you when she thought you weren’t listening. She’ll get a kick out of the fact that you were actually paying attention to her in your own unique way.  Guaranteed, she’ll think it’s the most thoughtful gift ever.

4. Top the evening by surprising her with a sensual foot massage, now that she feels relaxed enough to accept your advances. Speak adoringly to her and tell her again how much you’ve missed her. Tell her that romantic evenings like this will be more frequent and that she will always have your undivided attention because she is more important to you than anything in the world.

5. By this time, she’ll be reaching out to you for the tender kisses you’ve both missed. She may refrain from making wild passionate love with you because she may still need more affirmation regarding your love for her. She needs to be sure that this time around things will be different and that she will have your undivided attention. She wants it to be the beginning of an even better relationship this time around.

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You may get lucky the next time around, if you play your cards right. After a romantic evening like that, you won’t be thinking ‘How do I get my wife back after separation?’ but instead, ‘Can’t wait to get her under the sheets to prove my love to her.’

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How To Get My Wife Back And Keep Her

get my wife back

You Can Get Your Wife Back

Now that things have gone awry in your marriage, you’re thinking of ways on, how to get my wife back before it’s too late. If too much time hasn’t passed, you may have a chance to prove your love to the woman that has been a big part of your life. Sometimes a husband doesn’t realize that his wife should have been appreciated more and valued like a treasure trove of bullions, until she has left him. She was the gold charm that was gradually tarnished by the lack of polished care that a woman craves from her spouse.

Woo Her Back Into Your Life
Communication is key to a fresh start in a declining relationship. Tell her how much you need her back in your life, and don’t just say it, prove it to her with your actions. Have that initial talk with your spouse and listen to what she has to say. Understand her concerns about your lack of interest in doing things together. Complacency can squash love, so get it out of the picture forever.

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Now that you’ve got her attention, surprise her with special outings that relate to things she loves to do.  If she likes walks on the beach, or watching “chick flicks”, appease her.  Make it a point to arrange those outings without her knowledge. Women appreciate surprises that are geared to their interests.

The Touch Of Love
A loving touch, a tender caress can put spark back in a relationship that has gone sour because of that lack of tender interaction. Tell her that she is irresistible, that you get pleasure from her touch. Make her feel sensual and that you desire only her and no one else. Don’t hold back on the accolades.

Once she responds to all your irresistible exploits, don’t stop there. Touch her some more. Surprise her with a romantic rendezvous in the bedroom that includes candles, champagne, chocolate covered strawberries. No woman will be able to resist that type of amorous atmosphere. Give her that total body massage she’s always wanted from you. There is nothing more romantic than giving each other a steamy full body massage that will build up your evening together.

Keep The Love Flowing
Now that you’ve got her where you want her, keep it that way. It doesn’t take much to get back into a work routine that involves taking the kids to their after school activities, overtime at work, and then forgetting what’s important in a marital relationship. When you get home from a hard day’s work, don’t gripe, instead grab on to your wife and tell her how much you’ve missed her. Squeeze her behind and tell her you couldn’t keep your mind off it all day. Little gestures such as those, count.

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You can find additional interesting ideas to get your wife to be starry-eyed for you again at this website. Putting your best efforts forward to get your marriage back on track is key to a successful marital relationship. How to get my wife back will no longer pertain to you, but instead, I’ve got her back and loving it, will.

Guest post by Carmen

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Get My Wife Back

True Story – How I Managed To Get My Wife Back

get my wife back get wife back how to get my wife back

Have you said to yourself “I want to get my wife back” after the both of you have split up? Often, a decision to separate or even divorce can be made in a time of anger and resentment, only for you to realize that it was a mistake when all the dust has settled. At this point, you might realize “I want to get my wife back” but now it’s messy because she won’t return your calls and it seems that she’s trying to move on rather than wanting to reconcile your relationship. So is this a lost cause or is there still hope?

How I Managed To Get My Wife Back And How You Can Too

The most important thing I did when I was trying to get my wife back was to understand her state of mind after the break up and use that to turn things around. There’s no question that both of you have made mistakes in the relationship and hurt each other deeply in the process, and so after the breakup she will still be very sore about certain points that she would feel will never change. So your ultimate goal would be to remind her about the reasons why the two of you should be together, while showing her that you’ve changed and gotten rid of those flaws that contributed to your breakup.
When you first realize “I want to get my wife back”, you should be prepared to take it slow and understand that the entire process of healing and reconciliation will take time. If you try to rush it, you will only sabotage your chances and you won’t get very many of them with her at this stage. The best thing you can do is to try to identify those areas of your life that aren’t in good shape, and work on them. As you begin to do so, and get your life back in order, stay in touch with your mutual friends and let them know what’s going on as well. People talk, and no doubt news of your turning over a new leaf will reach her ears sooner or later. This will go a long way towards changing her mind about you, and that’s a good thing.

The Final Word On How To “Get My Wife Back”

After a few months, she should be over the painful part of your breakup and ready to reconnect with you. From here on, continue to take it slow and just ease your way back into her life. Before long, all will be forgotten and your desire to “get my wife back” will be realized.
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3 Steps To Get Your Ex Wife Back

3 Steps To Get Your Ex Wife Back

Are you searching high and low for ways to get your ex wife back? Like you, many years ago I found myself in a dark place, having seen our marriage of 7 years break down and desperately wanting to get her back. I tried many things, including counselling, but nothing brought us closer together. In fact, it felt like everything I was doing was just pushing her away and harming what little chances of us getting back together there was.

Thankfully, at my darkest hour, I came to the realization that it wasn’t my actions that I needed to change, but my own way of thinking about her and our relationship. From there, I managed to reconcile our relationship by following these 3 simple steps that you can use to get your ex wife back too.

Steps To Get Your Ex Wife Back #1: Take Responsibility For The Break Up

When we ended our marriage, I was very angry deep down because I saw her as the reason for our break up. So, even months after things ended between us, I constantly blamed her both privately and publicly for the failure of our marriage. I never apologized to her, because I never thought I did anything wrong, and I certainly never took responsibility and thought about what the problem was on my end. When I began to take responsibility and admit fault, I began to see where our relationship had gone wrong from my own doing.

Steps To Get Your Ex Wife Back #2: Sincerely Apologize To Your Ex Wife

This is a very hard step, but you have to do this if you want to get your ex wife back. You need to admit fault to your ex wife, just like I did. In fact, I didn’t just apologize to her, I listed down every single thing that I had done wrong to her and said sorry for each and every one of them. By the end of that conversation, I could tell that my ex was genuinely touched by my confessions of wrong, and that helped us a great deal towards healing and reconciling our relationship.

Steps To Get Your Ex Wife Back #3: Rebuild Your Relationship

Finally, you should slowly rebuild your relationship. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can just get your ex wife back like that. Take her out on dates to your favorite places while you were married, woo her with gifts and thoughtful messages, and most importantly use these opportunities to remind her of the good times and memories from when you were married. Slowly but surely, you will be able to reconcile your relationship and get your ex wife back.

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